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Easy Holiday Decor Swaps

Easy Holiday Decor Swaps

Switching up home decor for the holiday season is a yearly ritual for many, marking the start of the festive period and creating a warm and cozy space for you and your family to enjoy. But once January rolls around, there’s no reason why you need to go back to the same old decor. Choosing some of our favorite KARE Design pieces, here are a few easy holiday decor swaps for you to try out this year.


Swapping out any holiday-themed couch cushions is a really easy way to change the look of your living room, especially if you have a neutral sofa. You could change up the textures, adding in denser materials like cashmere, or a luxurious velvet. Pieces with some extra embellishment like this Gingko cushion will also add an elegant edge that will bring your living room up to date.

Decorative Accessories 

If you have accessories like figurines, bowls and vases that only come out for the holidays, why not swap them out with some new accessories that can be used all year round? Not only are they a great way to fill up awkward spaces on bookshelves and tables, but they are a great way to express a bit of personality too. Suspended by a barely-there base, this Atlas Beetle figurine adds some visual interest while retaining a sleek and elegant aesthetic.


Ambient lighting is the perfect thing for those short winter days, and swapping your Christmas lights for lanterns, tea lights or storm lights will make a huge difference to the way your home looks and feels. Lanterns are a beautiful way to bring in some additional light that is also very versatile. Easily moved around the home, they can be used to make a light display in front of the fireplace, in the corner of a room, or even on tables and stairs.

Similarly, tea-lights or storm lamps will add a bit of extra ambient light with a decorative feel. Metallic items or items with glass like this gold Cage Lantern will help to reflect the light around the room, maximizing the effect.


The table is at the heart of many holiday celebrations, and we often go to an extra effort to make it look extra special, so why not do it at other times of the year? Revamping your tableware can really elevate your dining room or kitchen interior and make mealtimes feel a little more extravagant. Swap out your everyday plates and silverware for something luxurious, like this matt gold silverware set or elegant gold-edged plate. The same goes for glassware! There are plenty of beautiful wine and champagne glasses out there, like this gold-accented Gobi glass.

By choosing your pieces wisely, just a few simple swaps can transform your space, giving you a fresh look for your home this year. To find out what other beautiful pieces KARE have to offer, head over to our Los Angeles Showroom for some interior inspiration, or even book yourself a complimentary design consultation with a member of our talented design team who can help you hand-pick your decor for the new year.

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